Why choose us

We are the world market leader in technical service and maintenance of marine galleys.

In the challenging world of the marine cruise industry, we strive to uphold the highest standards of service and repair for galley equipment. Our dedicated and professional team of qualified technicians ensures excellence in every aspect.

Our Partners

With the best alliances
you get the best service.

GESMAR is proud to be the official service partner for leading companies in marine galley equipment, including MKN, MEIKO, WMF, and Berner. With many years of experience, we provide our customers with top-quality equipment and exceptional service in all our projects, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

MKN has installed kitchenware on some of the most prestigious cruise-liners and yachts operating international routes. Their equipment is designed to produce culinary specialties that are typical for the most exotic locations. This equipment must be consistently top-quality and requires the right service to achieve this.

With 90 years of experience, MEIKO specializes in each and every aspect of creating clean solutions. We are proud to incorporate this outstanding commercial dishwashing technology in our GESMAR service range.

WMF Professional Coffee Machines significantly contributes to the cruise industry’s growth by providing innovative and reliable coffee machines. Serving 75% of cruise ships, WMF ensures high coffee quality through a global service network and comprehensive training, supporting the rising number of passengers and new ships in the booming market.