Superyacht Galleys

Superyacht Galleys


Enjoy the journey.
We will take care of the food.

With more than 7 years of experience and more than 50 Mega yachts serviced, GESMAR specializes in Service, repairs, and refits of MKN galley equipment worldwide.



GESMAR specializes in the service of MKN equipment on board Mega yachts. 

Maintenance of combi ovens, induction ranges, grills, hot plates and deep fat fryers including annual safety test controls are just some of the equipment that we service on a daily basis worldwide. 

The annual service contract provides a yearly checkup of all the above equipment assuring the correct operation and preventing any failure of the equipment during the high season operation of yachts.

Services are performed by official MKN service technicians specialized in yachts providing the highest quality and efficiency.



Our professional team of certified MKN & MEIKO technicians has attended yachts in more than 30 countries around the world for services and repairs.

We are prepared to travel with the necessary, spare parts and tools, in order to perform any kind of repair in the shortest possible response time.



When it comes to upgrading the galley equipment or replacing the cooking range, GESMAR provides an outstanding service. From replacing and upgrading old ovens and cooking equipment on mega yachts to designing a new custom cooking range with the latest MKN equipment.

We understand the complications to perform a refit on a yacht due to the limited space and precision work. Our goal is to perform the refit with the best quality and finishing to exceed the expectations of our customers.