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About us

about usAfter several years working on cruise ships, yachts and undertaking repair and maintenance galley projects, GESMAR´s Founder and current Chairman, Yorgos Gerakis, recognized the need for customer oriented services in terms of refit, maintenance and repair of marine galleys.

On October 2012, Yorgos Gerakis founded GESMAR “Gerakis Servicios Maritimos S.L.U.” located in Port Ginesta, Barcelona. Official Service Partners of MKN professional cooking technology and MEIKO clean solutions, GESMAR is achieving excellent results over the past years, gaining our customer’s trust and satisfaction in marine galley service.

GESMAR strives to offer the best solution to our customers in terms of refit, maintenance and repair of marine galleys.  We understand the needs of our customers and we offer the best solution for their yacht or cruise ship, whether it is in Europe, or any other continent with the sense of urgency and highest quality standards that are required. 


There are many choices for marine engine service and repair. That's why we work hard to earn your trust and your continued business.

Having the experience is an important part of the customer service that we offer. We have served the marine engine and electrical service industry for many years all our technicians are certified and have participated in many projects.
Mission Statement
Our mission statement has always been "Evolving every day using the newest innovative solutions in order to ensure the highest quality service standars in Cruise and Mega Yachts galleys". We have built our reputation on delivering quality work around the world with high reliability, honesty, and outstanding customer service.
We've found that good management delivers good results. We strive to make sure that every service project is well-managed from the time the boat arrives until it leaves us
Experienced Technicians
Good work requires good technicians. Our technicians are certified by our partners and constantly attend the MKN and MEIKO training courses to be up to date with the latest products and service procedures.  They have participated in many projects on board many vessels and are familiar with all the technical and safety requirements.
MKN has installed kitchenware on some of the most prestigious cruise-liners and yachts operating international routes. Their equipment is designed to produce culinary specialties that are typical for the most exotic locations. This equipment must be consistently top-quality and requires the right service to achieve this.
With 90 years of experience, MEIKO specializes in each and every aspect of creating clean solutions. We are proud to incorporate this outstanding commercial dishwashing technology in our GESMAR service range.



Official Service Partners

Port Ginesta Local 601  
Final Passeig Maritim Castelldefels s/n 
Les Botigues de Sitges, 08860 Barcelona, (Spain) 
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